Author Topic: Inno IKG (Internet Key Generator)  (Read 11546 times)

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Inno IKG (Internet Key Generator)
« on: 13 November 2009, 00:20:09 »
I just joined this site & don't see anything posted re:Inno. Hope there are some members interested in this topic.

My situation:
I have developed & distributed several software applications but have never had enough experience to implement IKG. I want to use this feature to serialize my products before distribution. If there is anyone out there using IKG, I would appreciate sharing (and learning) from their experiences. Technical expertice on this end is lacking.

Thanks in advance for responding.
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Re: Inno IKG (Internet Key Generator)
« Reply #1 on: 14 November 2009, 12:25:50 »
This isn't really related to any of the Inno Setup content on my site.  You should take this to the official newsgroups at instead.

Though I will say this: the installer is the wrong place to be doing key management.  You need to protect the application, not the installer.