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If you have the older version of ARMAX that still has the Basic mode (and non-integrated MAX Memory), then it's not the EVO edition; you have to follow the non-EVO instructions and copy the list to your memory card using the MAX Memory CD.  Leaving it on the USB drive isn't good enough -- only the versions with integrated MAX Memory can find it there.

The codelist showing as corrupted data in the standard browser is normal.  It should show up as something like "AR MAX Codelist vXXXX" when you look at it in MAX Memory though.

I'm also not sure if ARMAX checks the second memory card slot for the codelist.  You might need to put it onto MC1.

Also: why is your codelist 3MB?  That's pretty much the entire PAL codelist.  Part of the point of the favourites is to choose only those games you're planning to play soon, so that the codelist size is reduced and you can fit more saves onto the card.  (My own codelist usually runs to about 100KB.)

Finally: while I can't confirm this from personal experience (I don't have a modded console), my understanding is that the PAL ARMAX will only load PAL games from the codelist (even if you generate a combined codelist in MCM).  To use ARMAX with NTSC games you will need the NTSC version of ARMAX as well.
these are the procedures ive followed -

uk pal machine. chipped to play american imports.
uk pal version of ar max. ar max loads perfectly.
installed 2.2 of codelist manager
downloaded all latest lists, and imported from armax cd
generated favorites from pal list.
exported the code list to the ar max evo usb stick. (resulting codelist is size is approx 3meg)
deleted everything related to ar max, using the max memory tool, from my memory cards in my ps2
max memory reports the codelist on the usb drive as being ver 2472

nothing from the codelist appears in ar max, basic or expert modes.

games such as final fantasy 12, odin sphere, shadow hearts from the new world etc. etc. etc. are missing. (yes they are in the favourites and selected)

i tried copying the ar max codelist, using max memory, to the second memory card (first one doesnt have enough room). it copied ok.. but when i view it in the max memory tool, the graphical spinning icon is corrupted (textures are leaking out and it ends up just being a blob of colour rather than being what looks to be a star/asterisk shape) and in the normal ps2 browser i have 3meg of corrupted data. (probably because the ps2 doesnt normally know what the ar max data is)
even so.. with it on the 2nd memory card action replay max still doesnt use it... resulting in an old code list missing everything thats new and good.

i will add... that action replay max also doesnt load the official downloaded (using maxdrive) codelist either.

its like my ar max cd is completely ignoring everything and just sticking with whats on the cd.

edit - other info.
tried creating my own ar max cd with eu_codelist. cant get the disk to boot as nowhere can i find mode 1 to mode 2 converter ( one link doesnt exist, and the other is german and seemingly doesnt exist there either!) (yes console is chipped to play american imports)
and trying to follow the instructions, omitting that mode conversion, results in an unbootable/wasted cd-r)
so creating my own custom disk is out. i can only use the original i have.
MAX Codelist Manager / Re: Problem with Downloaded Code List
« Last post by Miral on 26 January 2009, 07:22:56 »
Well, the official "Infinite Chim" code is obviously broken (it uses an invalid command; someone evidently forgot to convert it properly), but the others seem reasonable on the surface.  But maybe they were using a different edition of the game than what you have?
MAX Codelist Manager / Re: Problem with Downloaded Code List
« Last post by Orca239 on 26 January 2009, 05:38:48 »
Thanks for your help, it worked.  By the way... none of the "official" codes actually work on the game, but these do.
MAX Codelist Manager / Re: Problem with Downloaded Code List
« Last post by Miral on 16 January 2009, 19:09:27 »
Yeah, the code id has definitely been changed.  And it is doing something different too, for some reason.

If you use this code instead, then MCM will let you enter it (this has the same code id as the existing game's master code, and the same content as the new code):
Code: [Select]

Though as I said before, MCM will automatically bring in the codes from the downloaded list; there's no way to remove them short of replacing them with a code with the same id, or using a different game id for everything.

I wonder why they changed the code ids?
MAX Codelist Manager / Re: Problem with Downloaded Code List
« Last post by Orca239 on 16 January 2009, 08:33:51 »
I'm not really sure how the codes thing works, but here's the Master code that was given for the new list:
ARMAX ID (Also known as a GAME ID): 09CB

Master Code

And here's the "official" ones:

I'll assume the "ID" displayed in Max Codelist Manager is the same kind of thing as the one for the custom list.
ID: 2507
MAX Codelist Manager / Re: Problem with Downloaded Code List
« Last post by Miral on 08 January 2009, 14:39:00 »
Ah, I think I see what the problem is now.  Yeah, it's not expecting the master code id for an existing game to change -- the way the merging process works, if you change the master code id then you'll end up with two master codes attached to the game (the new one and the original one), since any codes from the original game that haven't been overridden (going by their code ids) will still be included in the combined list.

There isn't really a good solution to this short of getting different codes; either the game id needs to be different (especially if it's a different game than the existing one in the downloaded codelist) or the master code id needs to be the same (so that it replaces the old master code).

I guess one other longer-term possibility would be for me to attach some kind of option to the game in the custom codelist such that it completely replaces the standard codes, instead of being merged with them.  That could get a little tricky though.  Hmm...

Do you really really need to replace the master code?  What's different in it than in the standard code?
MAX Codelist Manager / Re: Problem with Downloaded Code List
« Last post by Orca239 on 08 January 2009, 10:51:55 »
I added the game to my active code list and changed the master code.  It came up with a message asking if I was sure because the "code's ID has changed", so I told it I was sure.  Then I tried to add a code to the list (which emptied) and it gave me the same error I was getting before:

Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. ...
A game is only permitted to contain one master code.

So I click Continue, and it goes away, but the codes will not be added.

These codes are from fairly populated forums, and no one else has noted having a problem with the master code before that I know of.  I wouldn't even mind deleting all the other games and codes to let this work if I knew how to do so.
MAX Codelist Manager / Re: Problem with Downloaded Code List
« Last post by Miral on 07 January 2009, 07:26:07 »
You can't, but you also shouldn't need to.

If the new master code has a different game ID than the original, then MCM will treat it as a completely separate game, so there won't be any problems adding it.

If it has the same game ID as an existing game, then it will object if you're trying to add it as a new game.  In this case, what you should do is to add the existing game to your custom codelist (thereby importing all of its normal codes) and then change the master code afterwards.

If the original game that it's conflicting with isn't the same game, then you should contact whoever you got the codes from and get them to issue new codes without conflicting IDs.
MAX Codelist Manager / Re: AR Max Freezes
« Last post by mike_mike810 on 07 January 2009, 04:13:37 »
mine does that all i have to do though is plug i either like a memory stick (pen drive) or any thing that has a usb cable and memory eg. a mobile phone, camera or media player
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