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Announcements / Re: Spam account purge (lurkers beware!)
« Last post by Miral on 20 February 2020, 23:36:19 »
Well, the spam accounts have gotten so crazy that I've just disabled registrations altogether.   It's not like there's been any legitimate posts in these forums in forever anyway.

In the unlikely event that you're a real human that wants to talk about real human things here, then contact me to create an account manually.
Inno Setup / Re: JR Software site 500
« Last post by Hanjanas on 26 November 2019, 14:28:28 »
It's the information I'm looking for as well.
Inno Setup / Re: JR Software site 500
« Last post by lmstearn on 27 June 2018, 23:57:29 »
Back online at the time of this post! No indication there of what went wrong- but it appears to load up even faster than before. :)
Inno Setup / JR Software site 500
« Last post by lmstearn on 22 June 2018, 02:33:53 »
Hi Gavin,
How are you going?
We had spoken a few months back on the Inno newsgroup, and was very impressed with your answers to the various enquiries.
Unable to get in there at the moment as getting a 500 on JRSoftware at the moment. Are you the same?
Inno Setup / Re: [ISSI] - put a new wizard page
« Last post by Miral on 18 November 2010, 07:18:46 »
Since ISSI is not one of my Inno scripts or pages, you should be asking this in the official newsgroups instead.
Inno Setup / Re: [ISSI] - put a new wizard page
« Last post by Cambalinho on 16 November 2010, 08:53:25 »
or my wizard page isn't showed. i have tested.
i only want show my wizard
see the test setup:
Inno Setup / [ISSI] - put a new wizard page
« Last post by Cambalinho on 15 November 2010, 10:01:19 »
ok... i build my own wizard password page and works fine. my problem is here:
Code: [Select]
#define ISSI_Playmidi "Fundo_1.mid"
;#define ISSI_Image "Figura_1.bmp"
#define ISSI_UseMyInitializeWizard
#include "D:\Documents and Settings\Joaquim Miguel\Os meus documentos\Programação\Visual Basic 6.0\Executar Jogos\Setup\SenhaWizard.txt"
#define ISSI_IncludePath "C:\ISSI"
#include ISSI_IncludePath+"\_issi.isi"
why i must(or gives an error) put the 1st 2 lines(sound and image) (both or 1)?
in these case i want put, only, the text file.
MAX Codelist Manager / Re: Issues with Importing an ARMAX Codelist
« Last post by steelvulture on 12 June 2010, 03:15:34 »
I haven't done much importing into MCM since then.  I believe I had tried doing it with codes for other games as well and had the same issue.

I haven't tried exporting the codes with MCM stating the list as mixed with PAL and NTSC as I have always changed all the codes to be detected as NTSC so the whole list is NTSC.  That's the main issue with this problem, having to go to each code to get it detected as NTSC which gets more annoying for larger lists.  I don't know if ARMAX would work if I exported the list as mixed.

I have been using the latest version of OmniConvert that is available on the website (v1.0.3).  Looking at the source package for OmniConvert, it looks like it hasn't been touched for two years.
MAX Codelist Manager / Re: Issues with Importing an ARMAX Codelist
« Last post by Miral on 02 June 2010, 22:26:23 »
First of all, my apologies for the ridiculously late response.  But things have been really crazy at work recently, as I said.

I've had a look at the .bin file you provided, and it definitely looks like a problem with OmniConvert (assuming that's the program that wrote the .bin in the first place).  One of the bits of extra information stored with each code in the .bin file is the code's region (which is also encoded separately in the code text itself).  It looks like in your case while the code text is correctly claiming to be an NTSC code, that extra information is claiming it as a PAL code; and until you go in and actually edit the code both MCM and ARMAX itself are going to trust that extra header information.

Have you sorted this out in the intervening time?  Does this happen with other codes?  How much of a problem is it?  Have you checked if there's a later version of OmniConvert that fixes the problem?
Announcements / Spam account purge (lurkers beware!)
« Last post by Miral on 02 June 2010, 21:53:17 »
In a couple of weeks' time, I'm planning to delete all accounts that have made 0 posts, in an effort to tidy up after the spambots that register an account but can't seem to figure out how to actually post anything.  (The ones that do manage to post spam get deleted as soon as I spot them.)

So if you're a lurker, and you want to keep your account, now's the time to post something.  Even if it's just a "hello" message over in the General forum. :)
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