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MAX Codelist Manager / Code list wont show up
« on: 10 May 2010, 11:55:44 »
ok so I am having trouble getting my new codelist to show up I have the ARmax that comes with the flash drive In that flash drive theres a folder called Maxsettings and the codelist Bin file When I started Using max codelist manager i originally thought you had to delete the maxsettings folder on the flash drive and then click export favorites to armax i saved the folder onto my computer and did just that and then the codelist wouldnt show up on my ARMax only the original off the disc would show up then i tried again this time with the folder on my flashdrive it worked perfectly after adding several codes however it went back to showing the original list off the disc with or without the Maxsettings folder so im at a loss on how to keep my custom codelist working

MAX Codelist Manager / Corrupt Data issue
« on: 25 April 2010, 18:33:53 »
Ok so I have an old 2004 action replay Max with flash drive I make my favorites list click Export to ARMAX underneath, then I take my flash drive to my ps2 and transfer that BIN file to my memory card through my ARMAX cd, transfers fine but the icon is all messed up so i restart my ps2 check my memory card and it frezzes i restart and try again to look at the contents of my memory card I have my system configurations and a small cubed icon that says corrupt data, I didnt have any saves one the memory card to begin with so I knew that had to be it, I load up my ARMAX again and the codes are my favorites list so my question is is it supposed to be corrupt data in my memory card? is it safe to keep it there?

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