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MAX Codelist Manager / Re: Folder Codes
« on: 28 December 2008, 05:42:53 »
Thank you, kind stranger! I will try that right away!
Now, I will fulfill my create an organized solution for all Kingdom Hearts 2 Codes!!!

Okay, but a few questions:
How do you create an "organizer" in an "organizer"?
How do you create a "select only 1" folder/organizer?

Any Ideas?
(Just to make sure you know what's up, I'm using omniconvert)

MAX Codelist Manager / Re: Folder Codes
« on: 26 December 2008, 16:56:17 »
It is, however, on the drawing board for the next version of MCM -- I've actually got most of the implementation that would let you do this already in place; I'm just hesitant about how much editing to allow and how much validation it should perform.

Why don't you let me be a tester? I'll try it on both Vista Home Premium (SP1) and Windows XP Home SP3. As long as it won't hurt my computer (in which case my anti-virus would go crazy), I'm fine with testing a beta version.

MAX Codelist Manager / Folder Codes
« on: 25 December 2008, 16:58:28 »
Can you please explain how folder codes work if you know how? The reason is because I am going to convert a huge amount of codes and put them in a codelist, and I would like to arrange them so I can select them easier (by character, etc.).

I have looked various places on the internet and even sent a question to CodeJunkies.
My question was something like, "How do you create folder codes? I want to arrange my OFFICIAL codes differently."
They responded something like, "Just type in the codes provided on the website and the codes will be in the folder."
-Can they get any more annoying?

Anyway, please explain to me how to create folders, modify official ones (if possible). Please explain both checklist folders and 'one select' folders if you can. I appreciate any effort you put in to it and am eagerly awaiting your response. I am aware that following any instructions you give me may result in (unlikely) damages and you will not be held reliable.   ;)

MAX Codelist Manager / Re: Where to get custom code?
« on: 05 November 2008, 12:21:23 »
Like Miral previously said, you can find more if you are game specific. Look for an extremely active forum for a game, and normally you can find codes there.
Example: the forum at has TONS of custom codes for Kingdom Hearts I and II. (And hopefully RE:CoM when it comes out!!!!)

Yeah, I got it to work now.  ;)
Thanks for the GREAT program

Can you get me a copy of the latest codelist? My computer doesn't have a working CD Drive, so... um... yeah.
I'm still getting the Codelist 0, so I think I need to add official codes, right? (I only have about 7 custom codes on the list right now.)

If you could just upload the codelist to a filehost or something that'd be cool.

How does the "Export Favorites to ARMAX" button work?
I've been using the 'export' button for the active codelist and saving it as a 'codelist.bin'

(Maybe that's my problem?)

MAX Codelist Manager / Can't get AR to read the 'codelist.bin' file
« on: 06 October 2008, 09:57:10 »
(My forum account does work now, weird, huh?)

Anyway, like I emailed you, it doesn't read the codelist.bin file. What should I try now? Can you create a new version that will save to 'settings.dat'?

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