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Title: Input codes from windows?
Post by: giokas73 on 21 May 2008, 19:10:17
Hi, everybody.I'm from Greece.
I'm using MCM 1.5 and it's perfect.
My question about MCM 2:
Can i somehow copy/paste codes (from codejunkies) to MCM
and then export my codelist?Or the only way is to input codes via ARMAX?
Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: Input codes from windows?
Post by: Miral on 22 May 2008, 01:10:17
Yes, you can.  That's pretty much the whole point of the v2 series :)

Although many codes from CodeJunkies are already included in the downloaded codelist, so you may not need to enter anything.  (Some of the older or least used ones were dropped off the list to preserve memory card space, I think.)

Out of curiosity: is the MCM page unclear in some way?  Do you have any suggestions to improve it?  (Or did you just not read it?)
Title: Re: Input codes from windows?
Post by: giokas73 on 22 May 2008, 02:40:07
I wanted to add codes for Silent Hill:Origins.
Codejunkies posted the codes but the latest codelist doesn't have it.Many times I find codes from other sites (
Of course i read the guide & try many times but didn't make it.
I use MCM for years and helps me a lot, i managed to burn my own codelists and my last post was at 3 December 2005 at your guestbook.
Maybe i miss something but in your guide i didn't understand at which point you copy/paste the new codes.
Can you please tell the first 1-2 steps just to begin?
I have already the Silent Hill codes in .txt .
Thanks for replying right away.
I hope you understand my english, I'm Greek you see.. :)
Title: Re: Input codes from windows?
Post by: Miral on 22 May 2008, 21:14:22
1. Click on New (bottom left corner) to create a new user codelist.  Put it wherever you want.  (My Documents is probably as good a place as any, but make sure you don't put it somewhere where it'll accidentally get deleted.)
2. With the newly-added list selected, click on Make Active.  This makes it the Active List, which is the one that can be modified.
3. In the Active List section, click the View button.  This shows you the contents of your active list (currently empty).
4. At the bottom of this screen, click the Add Game button.
5. Fill in the name of the game and copy/paste the codelines for the (M) code into the box.
6. The game list should now contain the new game; double-click it to open the Game Viewer.
7. In here, click Add Code to add each code you want to have in your codelist and fill in the name and codelines as before.

Don't forget to add the new game to your Favourite Games list!
Title: Re: Input codes from windows?
Post by: giokas73 on 23 May 2008, 08:22:36
So easy...It took me 1 minute to create my codelist!
Thanks for being so helpful, I'm going to try it on my ps2 right now!
Keep up the good work and...
Greets from Greece!!!  :)