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Codelist clash
« on: 23 September 2009, 08:18:56 »
Hey again... so I've got the same problem as I had before with the .hack codes, this time with Digital Devil Saga 2 codes.  Once again the official codes don't work (they'd be pretty useless anyway), and I've found some custom ones that it won't let me add because of a different master code or ID or something.

Here's the list I'm trying to use:

Here's the official master code:

Sorry to be asking about this again, but I don't want to enter them one at a time using the virtual keyboard thing in the PS2 and don't know what else to try.   x_x;  Thanks for any help.

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Re: Codelist clash
« Reply #1 on: 11 November 2009, 19:00:26 »
Apologies for the delay -- for some strange reason the email message I normally get to tell me there's a new forum post didn't get through.

So how about I tell you how to do this yourself, so next time you don't need to wait. :)

1. Start up MCM.
2. In the Settings, ensure "enable advanced code editing features" is enabled.
3. Either create a new custom codelist or select an existing custom codelist, and make it active.
4. Click on View Full Combined Codelist.
5. Find the game that you're wanting to modify.
6. Click on Add to Active Codelist.
7. Click on the View button next to your Active Codelist.
8. Double-click on the game you just added.  (You should see all the official codes.)
9. Double-click on the top-most code (the game itself).  (Or click and press Edit Code.)
10. Click Advanced.
11. Make a note of the number that appears in the Code Id box in the top left corner.
12. Click Cancel.
13. Replace the code text in the edit window with the one you want to replace it with.  (Do not click OK.)
14. Click Advanced again.
15. If you've been having the problem you reported with this code, then the Game Id should be the same for both codes but the Code Id will be different.  Change the Code Id to the one that the old code used.
16. Click OK.
17. Click OK.  (The code text will now have changed, and you should not get the error this time.)
18. Add any additional codes you want, as normal.

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Re: Codelist clash
« Reply #2 on: 11 November 2009, 23:29:07 »
Ah, thanks much!  I would've just asked for the way to do it if I would have known it was something like that. =P  Thanks again!